Ensures well-being on your travels ✈️

Ideal for your travel first aid kit: The VIS ALPIN nasal spray and the VIS ALPIN throat lozenges moisten the mucous membranes and thus protect against drying out and infections.

A few drops of VIS ALPIN peppermint oil on the palm of your hand or the back of your neck are the secret tip for tension or bad air.

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Now new in the range - ANACARE care ointment

The solution for itchy, reddened and inflamed skin in the external anal area. With oak bark extract and beeswax for your long-lasting well-being.

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Spring feelings without annoying allergies!

"With VIS ALPIN we offer an effective, regional and 100% natural alternative for your well-being. Try your favorite product now and see for yourself."

Ulrich Sekotill, founder

  • regional added value

    Privately owned Austrian company

  • proven effect

    Proven by studies

  • natural ingredients

    VIS ALPIN and aroma sticks are 100% natural products without chemical additives

  • high-quality raw materials

    All ingredients for VIS ALPIN and aroma sticks come from the Alpine region

  • Prokopp

  • Reform Martin


Ulrike Knopp, founder of WYT Interior Design

"The Alpine flower ointment with arnica from VIS ALPIN is a wonderful product. I had a red and inflamed area on my upper arm caused by an insect bite and after 3 days of use, the area had healed. The hardening under the red area has also gradually disappeared. It is also great for very dry and cracked skin on the hands. The same goes for small inflamed "pimples". I was surprised that the ointment not only nourishes but also has a healing effect."