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Nasal spray

Nasal spray

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VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt Nasal Spray

Nourishes and moisturizes your nose 100% naturally

Product info: VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt Nasal Spray moisturizes and cleans the nasal mucosa through the special salt complex, prevents dry nasal mucosa and is used as an accompanying treatment for colds.

Developed and produced in Austria.

Ingredients: Your VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt Nasal Spray contains Alpine salt from the Salzkammergut and Austrian Alpine spring water.

Alpine salt: For 250 million years, salt has been resting within the massive rock layers of the Salzkammergut, protected from all environmental influences. Alpine salt has thus been able to retain its purity and originality and contains extremely important minerals and trace elements.

Alpine spring water: Austrian Alpine spring water is among the purest and clearest mountain waters in the world. Unlike sea water, Alpine spring water remains natural due to the natural filtration process through the rock layers and is of outstanding quality.

Effect: Your VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt Nasal Spray moistens and cleanses the nasal mucosa with its special salt complex and prevents dry nasal mucosa. It also helps to soften and loosen crusts and dry secretions in the nose and is suitable for accompanying treatment of a blocked nose (e.g. due to a cold or allergy).

You can also use your VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt Nasal Spray alongside another cold spray.

Your VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt Nasal Spray can be used over a longer period of time if necessary and is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Package contents: 20ml

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"With VIS ALPIN you have an effective, local and natural alternative for your well-being to the many internationally manufactured products that are mostly owned by corporations. Just try our 100% natural, effective and regionally developed and manufactured products from a purely Austrian company and see for yourself."

Ulrich Sekotill, founder

  • regional added value

    Privately owned local Austrian company

  • proven effect

    The effectiveness of the products is proven by studies

  • natural ingredients

    100% natural products without chemical additives

  • high-quality raw materials

    All raw materials
    come from the Alpine region