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REFRESH organic scent stick

REFRESH organic scent stick

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Relax. Refresh. Recharge. - Aromastick REFRESH organic scented stick

Do you need freshness and a clear head? The REFRESH aroma stick gives you the feeling of clarity and free, fresh breathing. It quickly provides you with fresh air in stuffy environments or in unfavorable climates.

Use: Smell two or three times through each nostril while closing the other nostril. Repeat as desired.

This is what happens when you smell your REFRESH aroma stick: The high concentration of menthol and eucalyptus provides a breath of fresh air and a feeling of fresh and clear breath.

Ingredients: Organic eucalyptus oil, organic menthol

Package contents: 1 scent stick

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"With VIS ALPIN you have an effective, local and natural alternative for your well-being to the many internationally manufactured products that are mostly owned by corporations. Just try our 100% natural, effective and regionally developed and manufactured products from a purely Austrian company and see for yourself."

Ulrich Sekotill, founder

  • regional added value

    Privately owned local Austrian company

  • proven effect

    The effectiveness of the products is proven by studies

  • natural ingredients

    100% natural products without chemical additives

  • high-quality raw materials

    All raw materials
    come from the Alpine region