How to get rid of mosquitoes with natural essential oils 🦟

Essential oils as natural anti-mosquito agents

Yes, there are plenty of sprays, lotions and creams to combat mosquitoes and their annoying consequences. However, many of them are full of chemicals - in keeping with the motto "shoot mosquitoes with a cannon". However, there are also a number of natural alternatives that help to drive away mosquitoes and relieve itching. Some natural essential oils in particular have proven to be effective in the fight against these annoying pests and their unpleasant consequences.

How to keep mosquitoes away with natural essential oils

Essential oils are perfect for enjoying the summer without mosquitoes. For an intensive effect, you should put them in an aroma lamp or diffuser. For a more subtle scent, simply add a few drops to a special fragrance stone and wait until the scent develops. This way, you can ensure a mosquito-free environment both in rooms and when sitting comfortably together in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. The following essential oils have proven to be the most effective.


Mosquitoes can use natural lavender oil  can't stand it - we like it all the more! You can use the fragrant oil straight away by putting a few drops of lavender oil on your skin to ward off the little pests. Additional benefit: flies also don't like the smell of lavender at all.

The roll-on with lavender oil also helps reliably against annoying sucking insects.

In addition to the superstar lavender, there are a number of other essential oils that have proven effective in the fight against mosquitoes.

These include mountain pine , peppermint and stone pine . You can use them in the same way as lavender oil. But that's not all, because essential oils can be used in a number of other ways. How about an anti-mosquito body oil, for example?

Extra protection through homemade body oil

Simply mix a few drops of lavender or one of the other oils mentioned above into a neutral body oil or a carrier oil such as jojoba oil and apply this mixture to your skin to protect yourself from mosquitoes. This way you will also give your skin an extra portion of care at the same time. However, to maintain the effect, you should apply the cream regularly.

When it's already too late - this is how you can effectively relieve itching

Despite all precautions, it can happen that a mosquito bites you and gives you an itchy bump. But even in this case, essential oils can help you a lot.

Dab the mosquito bite directly with a little (!), preferably 3 drops of lavender, peppermint or pine oil. This will relieve the itching and help the swelling to go down. Be careful though and only use a very small amount of oil, as essential oils can irritate the skin. Alternatively, you can use a natural roll-on to relieve itching.

Enjoy the summer with essential oils

Natural essential oils have a lot to offer - especially when it comes to getting rid of annoying mosquitoes. With our tips, you can get through the summer without itching and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year without any worries.

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