Support and the right “nose” for the new year 2023

Yes, they really do exist. Effective, study-proven, natural support in daily life.

In pocket format, the Aromastick scented sticks help both when it is a matter of calming down and relaxing, as well as when it is necessary to be fully concentrated and present.

The three calming scented sticks CALM, RELAX and BALANCE increase the serotonin level to put you in a more positive mood, and reduce important stress biomarkers (such as blood pressure and heart rate). And all this in a small, handy scented stick that you can take with you anywhere.

When using the activating scented sticks ENERGY, FOCUS and REFRESH we are more efficient, more concentrated and achieve better results in exams or in sports.

Simply unscrew, open and the 100% natural organic essential oils unfold their effect.

Good luck in the new year 2023. With the Aromastick scented sticks in your pocket, you will surely have a good “nose” for your daily challenges.

Successful 2023 from Green Healthcare

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