Perfect application of our Vis Alpin organic oils 🌿 💧

Today we would like to offer valuable insights into the correct use of our high-quality VIS ALPIN organic oils. Our essential oils from the Alpine region are all gently extracted using steam distillation and are a 100% natural product for body and mind.

A very user-friendly and handy form of administration are: the roll-ons!

Green Healthcare Roll Ons with Hamster

Our organic oils are available in practical roll-on bottles that allow for effortless application. This makes it easy to get the right dosage and you can take your favorite oils with you anywhere and anytime and use them easily.

VIS ALPIN Organic Mountain Pine Roll-On
Application: Apply the roll-on to your chest and neck. The refreshing scent of mountain pine will clear your airways and increase your well-being.

VIS ALPIN Organic Lavender Roll-On
Application: A gentle massage with the roll-on on the temples and wrists is enough to experience the relaxing effect of lavender. Perfect for relaxing after a long day.

VIS ALPIN Organic Peppermint Roll-On
Application: Simply put a few drops of the roll-on into the palm of your hand, rub in and breathe in deeply. The refreshing peppermint ensures a clear head and refreshes the senses.

VIS ALPIN Organic Swiss Stone Pine Roll-On
Application: To enjoy the calming and relaxing effect of the Swiss stone pine, apply the roll-on to the palms of your hands and rub it in gently. A few deep breaths and you will feel stress and tension falling away from you.

To achieve the best possible effect, we recommend that you relax shortly before use. Close your eyes, breathe in and out deeply, and concentrate on your senses. This will increase the positive effects and give you a more intense experience.
Our VIS ALPIN oils are pure nature, which will accompany you in your everyday life and ensure your well-being.

Discover the magic and power of the Alps and treat yourself to moments of relaxation and recovery no matter where you are!

Your Green Healthcare Team!

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