Want an energy boost in the new year?

Then try the Aromastick Energy . A small and handy scent stick that you open by twisting, smell it and immediately feel the positive effect.

The organic essential oils in Aromastick Energy have been carefully formulated to increase the oxygen content in the blood for increased muscle strength and to stimulate the brain for increased alertness and focus .

Aromastick Energy Scent Stick

What’s in Aromastick Energy?

The Aromastick ENERGY contains organic peppermint oil, organic rosemary oil, organic grapefruit oil in a patented scent stick.

The fact is: the effectiveness has been proven!

To test the stimulating properties of Aromastick Energy, peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2) was measured using pulse oximetry. The results showed that the effects of deep breathing could be amplified by a factor of 2.5.

Simply put, we are more productive and focused.

If you need an energy boost right now at the beginning of the year, then the Aromastick Energy might be just the thing.


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