The helpers on holiday

The last few weeks have been marked by holiday season, holiday stress and record reports of long traffic jams on the motorways, unbelievable waiting times at airports and overcrowded trains. And once you have finally arrived at your holiday destination, the hoped-for relaxation finally sets in.

Family arrived at the beach

Is it really like that?
Most of the time, however, your nose starts running, or you get a sore throat and occasionally your stomach gets upset and causes problems. Your skin is also very stressed because many people start their longed-for vacation with a long sunbath, which usually ends with sunburn.

Companion from Austria
VIS ALPIN products can help very well with the above-mentioned complaints. Whether it's a runny nose or a sore throat. The VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt Cold Spray or the VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt Throat Lozenges help here. The VIS ALPIN Alpine Herbal Marigold Ointment also relieves the symptoms of sunburn and helps the skin to regenerate.

Even on an airplane, when the air is bad or when it is unbearably hot, the VIS ALPIN Alpine Salt nasal spray can provide pleasant relaxation. Simply spray it onto your skin or forehead and even the hottest summer day will be more bearable. The cooling effect that you can take with you everywhere.

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