The reliable little helper during exam time | Aromastick FOCUS

Many of us have important exams in the next few weeks.

The school year is coming to an end, the academic semester awaits with many exams and we are challenged to perform especially now.

Did you know that there is now a very effective tool that can help you achieve better results in exam situations?

This helper is an aroma stick smelling pen that contains a unique oil mixture that helps you perform very well in important situations. In a study, the use of the smelling pen led to the test takers understanding the test task 19% faster, being 29% more attentive and ultimately achieving 62% more accurate and better results.

The stimulating aroma stick FOCUS has been proven to have a better effect than a well-known energy drink. Thanks to a combination of oils that keep you focused and yet calm you down, the aroma stick FOCUS is the ideal aid to promote concentration and help you stay on task.

Simply open the aroma stick, which fits in any trouser pocket, smell it and the effect will begin to help you achieve better exam results.

To help you keep your FOCUS during exam time, we would like to give you a voucher for our Aromaticks. Simply enter the voucher code " SCHULE22 " when you make your purchase and save 10%.

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