The secret of scents: How the limbic system guides us

Scents have amazing power over our well-being and also the ability to evoke memories and influence our emotions.
We are convinced that our natural products can improve your well-being. Our 100% natural essential oils from VIS ALPIN are all obtained in the Alpine region through gentle steam distillation, thus preserving the pure power of nature.
One of our special feel-good products is the organic mountain pine roll-on, a harmonious combination of South Tyrolean organic oil, Austrian organic alcohol and pure Alpine spring water. This roll-on not only offers a refreshing scent, but also a variety of benefits for body and mind.

The mountain pine, an icon of the Alps, has amazing properties. Its oil is known for its invigorating effect, opening the airways and soothing at the same time. Whether after a long day or as a companion in nature - the organic mountain pine roll-on is a natural source of refreshment and relaxation, always at hand.

Did you know that essential oils are also perfect for sauna infusions?
Our oils enrich every sauna infusion by stimulating the senses, promoting relaxation and thus ensuring well-being.
Just try.
VIS ALPIN Mountain Pine Oil and Roll on
Greetings to your limbic system,
Your Green Healthcare Team!
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